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Roberto Lombardi är en skådespelare, filmarbetare, producent, manusförfattare och regissör. Hen föddes i Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA den 31 december 1963. Hen är känd för bland annat The last airbender (2010), Shooter (2007), The Happening (2008), Vittnet måste tystas (1981) och Dracula's War (2015).

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Roberto Lombardi

Född 1963-12-31 (57 år sedan) i Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

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Roberto Lombardi

Biografi från Wikipedia

Roberto Lombardi was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA) and began his career at an early age, appearing on the "Gene London Show" at age 7, then began music lessons (drums) and showed a natural ability for music. Quickly moving on to other instruments (bass) in order to learn how to not only play, but write his own songs, later taking voice lessons to handle lead vocals.

At age 16, an interest in acting resurfaced. He studied acting in high school and college, then found roles in theater both in school and in regional theater, eventually landing extra / featured roles in several major motion pictures.

At this point music became the focus. He wrote, recorded and toured nationally with several bands, most notably "April Fool", "The End", "The Facts", "The Rage" and "Road Trip" learning to play both keyboards and guitar in the process.

In 2004, Lombardi again became focused on acting, signed with several agencies and began modeling while taking additional acting classes. Since then he has appeared in many films, television shows and commercials in a variety of roles in films such as "The Happening", "Bazookas: The Movie", "Masks", "Stand Off", "Perfect: Android Rising" and "The Cemetery", as well as the popular fan films "Krueger: Tales from Elm Street", "The Nightmare Ends on Halloween II", "Escape from New Jersey" and "Mr. J" . He is also starred in the ensemble tv series "Brotherhood of Silver" and "The Underground Kings".

Lombardi has also moved behind the camera as well as in front with Actor, Producer and/or Assistant Director credits for "Abduction", "Paranormal Captivity" and "Johnny Blue" as well as Actor and Producer credit for the upcoming "Extinction". He has also been credited for Casting, Location Scout and Script Supervisor as well as doing Special FX Makeup and contributing music to Film Soundtracks.

His production company 'RTL Productions' focuses on the development, publicity and production of new film projects such as "Just Like Me" which he produced as well as acted in. The company also releases past and future music projects and licenses music for film soundtracks. Roberto Lombardi also wrote the screenplay for the supernatural crime drama "Voosha Day". Lombardi has put producing aside for now to concentrate on acting.

With John Orrichio Films, he worked as a Publicist, Assistant Director and Producer for many projects including the comedy spoof series "Ghost Blunders" which he also starred in. 

When not on set he splits his time between the Philadelphia area and New York City.

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