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Paul McGuigan är en regissör. Han föddes i Bellshill, Scotland, Storbritannien den 19 september 1963. Han är känd för bland annat Lucky Number Slevin (2006), Push (2009), Victor Frankenstein (2015), Wicker park (2004) och The Acid House (1998).

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Paul McGuigan

Född 1963-09-19 (60 år sedan) i Bellshill, Scotland, Storbritannien.

Nominerad för utmärkelser
Utmärkelse Gala År Nominerad för
Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Miniseries, Movie or Dramatic Special (Sherlock) 64th Primetime Emmy Awards 2012 Sherlock
British Academy Television Craft Award for Best Director - Fiction (Sherlock) 2011 BAFTA Television Craft Awards 2011 Sherlock
European Film Discovery of the Year - Fassbinder Award (Gangster No. 1) European Film Awards 2000 2000 Gangster No. 1
British Academy Television Award for Best Single Drama (The Acid House) 1998 British Academy Television Awards 1998 The Acid House

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Paul McGuigan

Biografi från Wikipedia

Paul McGuigan (born 19 September 1963, Bellshill, Scotland) is a filmmaker.

Paul McGuigan described his own directing style in the following manner:

I'm very easy to get along with. For the first couple of movies I played the part of the director, which meant occasionally I would have these screaming fits because I must have saw [sic] it in a movie or something, like Sunset Boulevard, these stereotypical directors. I realized that if you are tense and are shouting and are horrible, basically, it's because you have an insecurity in what you do. It's not until you kind of get comfortable in what you do that you can be open and laid back. My shooting style is like that. I'll shoot - the wide shot, the close up, the reverse - each time I'll shoot the whole scene, just to get the rhythm, and I think the actors like that. Also, being a documentary filmmaker, I don't like the camera to move the actors, I like the actors to move the camera. So, the camera's always a little bit of a beat behind. Not self-consciously, but I like surprises and I like using the actor for more than just saying the lines. I like actors that have a presence and use their bodies. I like actors to make their choices and trust that their choices are as right as mine.

Rumors have spread[citation needed] that he will be directing Deathlok, but McGuigan has denied it stating "I don't think I want to do a $120 million movie. It's a great script. It's David Self, who's brilliant, but that one's a monster". He is currently working on the upcoming film The Equalizer, preferring a "real man" like "Eric Bana or Paul Bettany" to play the title role. He has been writing a film project entitled Dog Tooth Violet. His main source of inspiration is director Wong Kar-wai, stating that "he just blows me away. For me, Wong Kar Wai is like good porn, to be celebrated and looked at over and over again". Gangster No. 1 was actually the key factor in deciding McGuigan was the man to direct Lucky Number Slevin after one of Film Engine's producers Tyler Mitchell watched the film and quickly sent it to writer Jason Smilovic, who stated "This is the guy! This guy is out of this world!�

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