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Julie Bishop var en skådespelare. Hon föddes i Denver, Colorado, USA den 30 augusti 1914. Julie Bishop dog 30 augusti 2001, hon blev 86 år. Hon är känd för bland annat The Black Cat (1934), Sands of Iwo Jima (1949), The High and the Mighty (1954), Action in the North Atlantic (1943) och The Bohemian Girl (1936).

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Julie Bishop

Född 1914-08-30 (108 år sedan) i Denver, Colorado, USA. Död 2001-08-30 (86 år).
Längd 160 cm.

Namn Från Till Typ av förhållade
William F. Bergin(Gifta: 1968–2001-08-30) 1968 2001-08-30 Gifta
Clarence A. Shoop(Gifta: 1944-07–1968-01-27) 1944-07 1968-01-27 Gifta
Walter Booth Brooks III(Gifta: 1936–1939) 1936 1939 Gifta

Pamela Susan Shoop, Steve Shoop

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Julie Bishop

Biografi från Wikipedia

From Wikipedia

Julie Bishop (August 30, 1914 - August 30, 2001) was an

American film and television actress. She appeared in over 80 films between

1923 and 1957.

Bishop was born Jacqueline Wells and used her birth name

professionally through 1941. She also appeared on stage (and in one film) as

Diane Duval. She was a child actress, beginning her career in 1923. Early on,

she appeared in several Laurel and Hardy films (Any Old Port! and The Bohemian

Girl), and she settled on the name by which she is best remembered when offered

a contract by Warner Bros. on the condition that she change her name, which was

associated with her almost exclusively B-movie appearances through 1941

(amounting to nearly 50 films over 17 years). She chose the name because it

matched the monograms on her luggage (she had for a time been married to Walter

Booth Brooks III, a writer).

She made 16 films at Warners, including a supporting role in

1943's Princess O'Rourke, supporting Olivia de Havilland and Robert Cummings.

While filming, she met her second husband, Clarence Shoop, a pilot. She was

Humphrey Bogart's leading lady in Action in the North Atlantic (1943), played

Ira Gershwin's wife in the biopic Rhapsody in Blue (1945), and closed out her

Warners years in 1946's Cinderella Jones.

In 1949, Bishop played a down-on-her-luck wife and mother in

the Sands of Iwo Jima, opposite John Wayne. She was among several former Wayne

co-stars (including Laraine Day, Ann Doran, Jan Sterling, and Claire Trevor)

who joined the actor in 1954's aviation drama, The High and the Mighty.

Thrice married, Bishop had a son, Steve, a physician and

pilot, and a daughter, actress Pamela Susan Shoop, both by her second marriage,

Gen. Clarence A. Shoop, a test pilot who flew for Howard Hughes and later

became vice president of Hughes Aircraft; they were married from 1944 until his

death in 1968. Her first marriage ended in divorce and her third with her

Julie Bishop died of pneumonia on her 87th birthday, August

30, 2001, in Mendocino, California.

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