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Jeanette Loff var en skådespelare. Hon föddes i Cronno, Idaho, USA den 9 oktober 1906. Jeanette Loff dog 4 augusti 1942, hon blev 35 år. Hon är känd för bland annat King of Jazz (1930), Hide-Out (1934), Party Girl (1930), Flirtation (1934) och Fashion News (1928).

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Jeanette Loff

Född 1906-10-09 (114 år sedan) i Cronno, Idaho, USA. Död 1942-08-04 (35 år).

Namn Från Till Typ av förhållade
Bert E. Friedlob(Gifta) 1942-08-04 Gifta
Harry Rosenbloom(Gifta) 1929-10 Gifta

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Jeanette Loff

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Jeanette Loff was born Janette Lov in Orofino, Idaho, on October 9, 1906. Her father Maurice was a successful violinist who moved their family to Canada when Jeanette was a child. She loved to sing and she studied music at the Ellison and White Conservatory. At age sixteen she had a starring role in the operetta Treasure Hunters. Jeanette moved to Oregon and got a job playing the organ. She made her acting debut in the 1927 film Uncle Tom's Cabin. Cecil B. Demille offered her a contract and she quickly became one of Hollywood busiest starlets. In 1928 she appeared in Annapolis, Love Over Night, and Hold 'Em Yale. After her parents divorced Jeanette's mother Inga and sisters Irene and Myrtle came to live with her in California. Jeanette married a salesman named Harry Rosenbloom but they divorced in 1929. She also had a love affairs with producer Paul Bern, song writer Walter O'Keefe, and actor Gilbert Roland. Jeanette got the chance to show off her soprano voice in films like King Of Jazz and Party Girl. By 1931 she was tired of playing ingénues and decided to take a break from making movies. She moved to New York city and starred in several Broadway shows. Jeanette tried to make a comeback with the 1934 drama St. Louis Woman but it was not a hit. After a few more small roles her career stalled. Her final film was the comedy Million Dollar Baby. She retired from acting and married producer and liquor salesman Bert E. Friedlob. Sadly she did not get to enjoy her new life for very long. On August 5, 1942 Jeanette died after ingesting ammonia. She was only thirty-five years old. Although many believe she committed suicide her death may have been accidental. Her family does not believe she took her own life. Jeanette is buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California.

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