Yusra (1971)

Yusra (1971)

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On the evening of his birthday, the young painter Sadri walked out on his mistress Lisa, and the party planned in his honour.

While ambling along the beaches of Carthage in the dead of night, he sees a young woman, as beautiful as she was enigmatic, completely nude, rise up out of the waves. She told him her name was Yusra.

From that time on Sadri was to live a story of wild love and spellbinding erotism with the mysterious stranger, abandoning the heartbroken Lisa.

While attempting to paint her portrait, Sadri noticed there was a strange resemblance between Yusra and Lisa. An old wise man whom he met in the ruins of Carthage, told him that Yusra was one of the names of Dido, queen of ancient Carthage, who sometimes comes back to earth in the body of a young woman. Sadri tries to solve the mystery of the origins of the beautiful stranger.


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