WCW SuperBrawl 2000 (2000)

There's Nothing They Won't Do To Hold The Gold

WCW SuperBrawl 2000 (2000)

There's Nothing They Won't Do To Hold The Gold

There's Nothing They Won't Do To Hold The Gold

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SuperBrawl 2000 took place on February 20, 2000 from the Cow Palace in San Francisco, California. James Brown made a surprise appearance at the event, performing with Ernest Miller during his in ring skit with The Maestro. The main event was a Triple Threat match for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship with Sid Vicious defending against Scott Hall & Jeff Jarrett. Other matches included The Total Package vs Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair vs Terry Funk in a Texas Death match, The Mamalukes defended the WCW World Tag Team Championships against David Flair & Crowbar, Vampiro vs Billy Kidman, Booker vs Big T, Tank Abbott vs Big Al in a Leather Jacket on a Pole match, The Wall vs The Demon, Norman Smiley vs 3 Count in a handicap match, Bam Bam Bigelow defending the WCW Hardcore Championship against Brian Knobs, and the Artist Formerly Known as Prince Iaukea and Lash LeRoux wrestled for the vacant WCW Cruiserweight Championship.


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WCW SuperBrawl 2000


WCW SuperBrawl 2000

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