Peligrosa Obsesión (2004)

Get ready to live


Peligrosa Obsesión (2004)

Get ready to live

Get ready to live

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An Argentine truck driver is apparently on a routine trip through Rio de Janeiro when he meets a mysterious countryman, with opposite personality traits. They ultimately travel back to Argentina together, meeting a beautiful Brazilian journalist on the way. The truck driver has revenge on his mind, and both the adventurous young man, and the gorgeous girl join him in this venture. The only thing the three have in common are their obsession for honor and justice, as each one sees thes ideals. In Buenos Aires, they will find many obstacles to find the truth and set things straight. Their biggest challenge may be determining which of the characters and family members are really on the side of the truth and honor.


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Peligrosa Obsesión


Peligrosa Obsesión

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