Oh! What a Day! (1923)

Oh! What a Day! (1923)

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In 1923, The Gumps moved up to two-reel live-action comedies, with former Keystone Cop Joe Murphy as the chinless lead, pioneering comedienne-producer Fay Tincher as Min, and Jack Morgan as the rascally Chester. In this episode, the comedy begins with the announcement of Min's tenth anniversary gift from Uncle Bimâ??a "tinâ? flivver. Primping for a family outing in the new car, Min breaks a mirror due to her son's shenanigans. "That's seven more years of bad luck, Chester,â? she scolds. The rest of the actionâ??in a hotel, on the road, and at the beachâ??proves her right. Angelinos will take delight in the scenes filmed at Ocean Park's Lick Pier, just months before it was destroyed by fire.


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Oh! What a Day!


Oh! What a Day!



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