Kauboji (2013)


Kauboji (2013)

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Six men , one woman ( and her brother ) come together with one goal - to make the play . It would be probably another common story that this theater group is composed of anti-heroes who float lost in time and space , in a town where it seems that the sun sets in the east. Led by Sasha , a director who has recently returned to his hometown , this group of socially neadaptiranih amateurs starting the fight to their demons and the prejudices that surround them in the society. For dramaturgical template selection western and riding on stereotypes of the genre of the struggle between good and evil, the conflict between civilization and wilderness , the protagonists develop their life stories inevitably influencing and changing each other. Although , as time passes , the show looks increasingly like a mission impossible , almost all of its stakeholders is increasingly seen as a metaphor for their fate and get caught for it as the opportunity of a lifetime .


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