Half Serious, Half Kidding (2023)

The Digital Footprint of an Obscure Rockstar

Half Serious, Half Kidding (2023)

The Digital Footprint of an Obscure Rockstar

The Digital Footprint of an Obscure Rockstar

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Marc with a C is the stage name of Orlando indie/DIY singer-songwriter Marc Sirdoreus and was formally a persona enacted on stage for over 20 years. This documentary covers their career using only filmed stage performances, interviews, and other video and audio releases published online by Marc or their audience. Made from a myriad of videos with view counts ranging from 15 to 30k, it chronicles their attempts to use music and lyrics to connect to and understand others, as well as their relationship to attention and performance as social media swallows up small artists to turn art into content.


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Half Serious, Half Kidding


Half Serious, Half Kidding

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