Færgekroen (1956)

Færgekroen (1956)

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,The Royal . privileged ferry inn in Hørby owned and operated by the two good friends , Erik Hansen ( Funny Man Fits ) and Lars Tofte ( Ove Sprogøe ) . In addition to the inn owns the small ferry , which keeps them in touch with the mainland. Vet (Carl Johan Hviid ) must , together with propritary Ravn ( Kjeld Petersen ) , a board meeting of the Agricultural Bank, regarding the new ferry route. Lars do not really think the story. It has been told so often, but it has never been to anything. Barrister Ermandsen ( Paul Muller ), which will have a meeting with interested in the service will be called by his future son- Johan Rank Gaard ( Henrik Wiehe ) , asking whether anyone has thought that the owner of Hørby Færgekro by Royal . consignment has monopoly on all ferry services on Fjordby . He begs Ermandsen to good as it gets between them .

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