Cada loco con su tema (1939)


Cada loco con su tema (1939)

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Julio Cesar (Enrique Herrera), writer of soap operas, is very upset nerves. Dr. Jimenez (Alberto Galán) recommends an institution that will give he a therapy to cure these scares. To avoid exposure to bad publicity, is camouflaged by the pseudonym Justiniano Conquian . By chance, a taxidermist (Joaquin Pardavé) also named. His case is different: it is a millionaire heir heritage potential, but will only be legally recognized if it meets a peculiar condition in the will, having to spend a whole month in the gloomy castle Conquian, competing with other heirs of fortune. Dr. Jimenez is bribed by a cousin of Justinian to send the false Conquian scares Castle into thinking that is the sanatorium.


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Cada loco con su tema


Cada loco con su tema

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