Andrew Dice Clay: Dice Rules (1991)

Untamed! Uncut! Unbelievable!


Andrew Dice Clay: Dice Rules (1991)

Untamed! Uncut! Unbelievable!

Untamed! Uncut! Unbelievable!

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Outrageous, misogynistic and vulgar-to-the-max comedian Andrew Dice Clay does his stuff in this combination stand-up concert video and series of comedy sketches. The sketches, demonstrating that The Dice Man used to be a klutzy wimp, begin the film which then jumps into a filled-to-capacity performance at Madison Square Gardens. The film contains strong profanity, blatant racist remarks, graphic references to sex and other "adult" subjects.


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Andrew Dice Clay: Dice Rules


Andrew Dice Clay: Dice Rules

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