Alles Sal Regkom! (1951)

Alles Sal Regkom! (1951)

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In the fictional town of Spoggenpoelville, Mr. Spog and Mr. Poel rule supreme. Though not particularly bright, they run and own everything. To boot, they are the town's mayor and deputy mayor. But one day two men from Johannesburg throw a spanner in the works. Mr. Brand and Mr. Borelli want to buy a piece of Spoggenpoelville, complete with mineral rights. Spog and Poel say no. To retaliate, the two speculators decide to run for mayor and deputy mayor. Suddenly Spog and Poel must learn how to become politicians, charm the ladies and outwit the villains, all the while trying to evade a clown-like figure who wants to sell them a goldmine.


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Alles Sal Regkom!


Alles Sal Regkom!

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