A Place to Grow (1998)

A heart-rending tale of hope and struggle


A Place to Grow (1998)

A heart-rending tale of hope and struggle

A heart-rending tale of hope and struggle

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Following his brother's death, a musician returns home to the farm. He intends to sell it, but over the course of his visit, develops an appreciation for the hands-on, old-style method of farming that goes on there. As he spends more time on the farm, he begins to suspect that his brother's death might not have occurred the way he'd first thought, and that foul play might have been involved. A heart-rending drama of love, loss, and the value of family, A Place to Grow will touch your heart. Starring stage and screen stalwart, Wilford Brimley (The Natural, In & Out).


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A Place to Grow


A Place to Grow

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