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Noel Fisher är en skådespelare. Han föddes i Vancouver, British Columbia, Kanada den 13 mars 1984. Han är känd för bland annat Teenage mutant ninja turtles (2014), World invasion - Battle: Los Angeles (2011), Final Destination 2 (2003), Agent Cody Banks (2003) och After Sex (2007).

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Noel Fisher

Född 1984-03-13 (34 år sedan) i Vancouver, British Columbia, Kanada.
Längd 170 cm.

Nominerad för utmärkelser
Utmärkelse Gala År Nominerad för
Gemini Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Series (Godiva's) 20th Gemini Awards 2005 Godiva's
Gemini Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Program or Mini-Series (The Sheldon Kennedy Story) 15th Gemini Awards 2000 The Sheldon Kennedy Story

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Noel Fisher

Biografi från Wikipedia

Noel Fisher (born March 13, 1984) is a Canadian actor. He appeared on the television show X-Men: Evolution and starred in the Disney film Max Keeble's Big Move as the school bully. His past television roles include playing Patricia Arquette's son in the Medium episode Sweet Child o' Mine and is a regular on the Vancouver based show "Godiva's", as TJ. He was also featured in the FX show The Riches, as Cael Malloy. He played Teddy Parker, a soldier who was killed while serving with FBI Agent Seely Booth (David Boreanaz) in the military, on the TV series Bones. Most recently he played CSU Technician Dale Stuckey in the tenth season of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. He has starred with Hilary Duff twice: the 2009 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode "Selfish", and also the film Agent Cody Banks. He also starred in the miniseries The Pacific as he played private Hamm in the battle of Okinawa.

Most recently, he has portrayed Mickey Milkovich on the series Shameless on Showtime, and also portrayed USMC Private First Class Shaun Lenihan in the 2011 film Battle: Los Angeles.

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